Laboratory for Electric and Magnetic Fields

Unit number
7/ 1
Research fields
Department title
Geology and Geophysics
Research area
  • Electric properties of the earth crust and the subcrustal litosphere on the base of magnetotelluric sensing, continental and submarine cable data (the Sea of Japan): relationship with tectonics, seismic activity, oil and gas content
  • Research of magnetic field and magnetic properties of rocks (islands and water areas of Far-Eastern Seas)
  • Developing the electric tomography method for solving geological problems of the shelf area and land
Lab team
  • Grigory N. Shkabarnya, Ph.D., head of laboratory
  • Pyotr S. Zimin, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Sergey S. Starzhinsky, senior researcher
  • Alexander Y. Zhukovin, junior researcher
  • Nikolai M. Tsovbun, lead electronics engineer
  • Vitaly N. Demenok, lead engineer
  • Olga I. Zagoruiko, senior engineer

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