Cеминар по нелинейной динамике (297е заседание)

«DYNAMICS OF A VORTEX PAIR INTERACTING WITH A FIX POINT VORTEX REVISITED» Е. Рыжов (ТОИ, Imperial College, UK), K. Kошель (ТОИ), J. Reinaud (Univ. of St Andrews, UK), G. Riccardi (Univ. Studi della Campania, Caserta, Italy) Dynamics of 3 point vortices in a uniform ideal fluid is completely integrable. If one vortex is fixed, linear momentum does not conserve, but the system still remains integrable. This situation has not been well studied in contrast to the free vortices case. We consider a vortex dipole with 2 counter-rotating point vortices interacting with a fix one. We have shown previously that the dipole can exhibit two regimes of motion: bounded and unbounded ones. Now we consider comprehensively the symmetric case and obtain some new results for an asymmetric case. Analytic results are found between the two regimes. A periodicity of the bounded motion in a rotating coordinate system and choreographies are found.

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20 марта (вторник) 14.00 (конф-зал ТОИ)
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