Statistical Hydroacoustics Laboratory

Unit number
Department title
Ocean Acoustics
Research area
  • Experimental studies of sound fields and water dynamics in shelf zones
  • Development of geoacoustic seabed models and statistical models of the sound velocity field
  • Mathematical modeling of sound fields  and hydrophysical processes in oceanic coastal areas 
  • Statistical modeling for random wave fields in fluctuating media
  • Statistical estimation of scalar–vector hydroacoustic signals against the ocean noises background 
Lab team
  • Yaroshchuk Igor Olegovich, Dr.Sc., head of the laboratory
  • Gulin Oleg Eduardovich, Dr.Sc., leading researcher
  • Samchenko Alexander Nikolaevich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Shvyrev Alexey Nikolaevich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Korotchenko Roman Anatolyevich, Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Pivovarov Alexander Anatolyevich, researcher 
  • Kosheleva Alexandra Vasilyevna, researcher
  • Shchurov Vladimir Alexandrovich, Dr.Sc., advisor
  • Lyashkov Aleksey Sergeevich, lead engineer
  • Tkachenko Elena Stanislavovna, lead engineer
  • Scheglov Sergey Georgievich, lead engineer
  • Kovalev Sergey Nikolaevich, lead engineer
  • Zaytseva Elena Anatolyevna, technician

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