Laboratory for Sedimentary Process Geochemistry

Unit number
7/ 7
Research fields
Department title
Geology and Geophysics
Research area
  • Chemical composition of marine sediments and accumulation of ore elements in various climatic, structural and tectonic conditions
  • Sedimentation within modern ore-forming systems at continental margins, their morphostructural control and comparison with ancient deposits formation models
  • Chemical and mineral composition of ores and sediments within modern marine ore-forming systems, identification and assessment of prospective new ore deposits
  • Analysis of geoecological conditions of marine ecosystems based on the study of heavy metals and mercury
Lab team
  • Astakhov Anatolii S. , Dr.Sc., head of laboratory
  • Astakhova Nadezhda V. , Ph.D., leading researcher
  • Aksentov Kirill I., Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Kolesnik Alexander N., Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Kolesnik Olga N., Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Polyakov Dmitry M., Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Sattarova Valentina V., Ph.D. senior researcher
  • Vashchenkova Nadezhda G., Ph.D., senior researcher
  • Ivanov Maksim V., researcher
  • Maryash Anna A., researcher
  • Lopatnikov Evgeny A., junior researcher
  • Volkov Viktor G., lead engineer
  • Yaroshchuk Elena I., lead engineer
  • Alatortsev Alexander V. , senior engineer
  • Konstantinova Nina E., technician

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